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Premium Service
Relax and have the best!
Premium Service for carpet and/or upholstery is our fullest and complete cleaning package
Professional general deep cleaning
All stain removal INCLUDED
Please be aware that some stains may be seated permanently but we will do our best to loosen/lighten them.
30 day NEW stain guarantee in cleaned areas
Within 30 days of service date, we will return to remedy any new stains you may incur in the areas we previously cleaned.
Reduced price Odor Treatments
Pre-vacuuming INCLUDED (if needed)
If you choose Premium Service for carpet, you may still opt for Silver Service and/or Power Vacuuming on upholstery items and vice versa.
Premium Service:
(scroll down for details)
**Please describe an overview of the work you would like done in the Notes section below your last name. Thank You!


"Service was phenomenal! Two very nice professional guys came out and were timely and efficient. My thirty-one year old pet stained carpets look and smell brand new again. I would highly recommend Alpha Carpet to all. Thanks for such a fantastic job!"

Rebecca K.

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