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Free Estimate
In-Home or Commercial
In-home or commercial estimate
Free on-premise estimate
A great way for you to see if you like us.  We will give you a realistic estimate for the work you would like done.  The Estimate will be valid for 60 days and assuming there are no extraordinary changes (new stains or worsened soiling), you can have an idea for your unique situation ahead of time.
Commercial business
Businesses please select this option as your situations are vastly different in scope of size, layout and level of soiling.  We will determine your needs and offer a fair quote.  If you are already a customer and wish to have repeat service please call or email us to fit you appropriately into our schedule.  The online booking may not determine enough time to fit you in.  Thank you.
**Please describe anything you think we should know in the Notes section below your last name such as who to meet or where to park. Thank You!


"Service was phenomenal! Two very nice professional guys came out and were timely and efficient. My thirty-one year old pet stained carpets look and smell brand new again. I would highly recommend Alpha Carpet to all. Thanks for such a fantastic job!"

Rebecca K.

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